About US

‘Marine Management Shipping’ Company was created in 2001 for the recruitment and crew manning.
Consultation of seafarers and assistance with getting maritime certificates, visas are the general directions of the Company.
High level of service and good feedbacks are the best indicators of our successful position on the market. The main office is situated in Sevastopol.
Seafarers who have already completed their contracts on vessels of foreign ship-owners, who we cooperate with, have a priority in employment.
We contribute to the promotion of our seafarers.
License №20115921293 from 24.08.2015 (click to see)
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Documentary requirements.

The availability of all the certificates according to the last ‘Manila Amendments’ is obligatory for all the crewmembers.

It is necessary to have Certificate for cargo operations on liquid-oil tankers and chemical tankers (so-called tanker confirmation).

Issuing country of Certificate of competency and Certificate of Basic Training for Oil and
Chemical Tankers should be the same.

The availability of register documents is obligatory for welders (Russian Register, Bureau Veritas, etc.)

The list of necessary documents for seafarers of our company.

Please complete and send us your application. It will not take a lot of time and efforts. We need good specialists so we will be glad to cooperate.


We always require good specialists on vessels for tanker fleet.

ITF salary.

Contract duration:

Officers – 4 (+/- 1) months

Ratings – 6 (+/- 1) months

In addition, there is available cadet program for students and graduates. Contract duration is 4 (+/- 1) months.

There is a bonus program for seafarers who completed three contracts at the same rank.

For officers it is +5%, for ratings +3%.

Due to the fact of purchase by the Company of two bulker carriers (2009, DWT 23000, M/E MAN B&W) experienced officers and ratings are urgently required.